Brian Banks’ Accuser Ordered To Pay $2.6 Million To California School District For False Claims

Falcons linebacker Brian Banks spent five years in prison for a rape conviction based on false charges from a woman who has been ordered to fork over $2.6 million to the Long Beach Unified School District. Wanneta Gibson, who's been in the wind since January, was a student at Long Beach Poly High when she first sued the district for having lax security and an unsafe environment after accusing Banks, then a promising football star, of rape.

Banks was exonerated after Gibson recanted her story on tape, but the damage was already done. 

As it turns out, her life has had its' share of turmoil since receiving a $750,000 settlement from the school district. Gibson's been on both ends of civil litigation, including temporary restraining orders and domestic violence charges.

Reports even have her being sued by the county for child support. 

Gibson wanted to "let bygones be bygones" when Banks was released from the joint and sent him a friend request on Facebook. That was a while after Gibson told Banks she'd help him, except for all that money she'd have to pay back if she did.

It's really an incredible story, but there's a lesson to learn here. Both sides of rape and rape allegations have to be taken seriously.

This is a sensitive issue because everyone seems to know the right side of the argument to be on. It's easy to gang up on the accused and cape up for the accuser, but it's so hard to really know the true story without paying attention, being fair and asking enough questions. 

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