Brandon Meriweather Avoids Suspension For Headhunting

Brandon Meriweather is hardheaded. Literally and figuratively. Meriweather has been fined a grand total of $85,000 for helmet-to-helmet hits in his career. On Sunday, he knocked himself and Packers running back Eddie Lacy out of the game. The NFL didn't pile on by giving Meriweather a one-game suspension. Instead, they'll hit him with a fine.

After Meriweather awoke from his helmet-induced slumber, he should be telling himself that leading with the helmet is not the way to go about his business. Lacy will miss the next game, but it remains to be seen whether Meriweather will be out there in the Redskins secondary. Lord knows they could use the help. The NFL let Meriweather off easy.


"To be honest with you, on the first one it looked like the running back was kind of going downhill, and when Brandon went for the tackle it looked to me like it was perfect and then all of a sudden when [Lacy] ducked his head, I couldn't tell — I didn't see the TV copy, I just saw the video — and that's exactly where the contact was," Shanahan said.

"The second one on the sidelines, that's what you're supposed to do. That's a legal hit," he said.

Shanahan said Meriwether was undergoing tests for his concussion and that the Redskins would have a better idea of how he's doing on Wednesday.