Brandon Jennings Is 2013’s NBA Playa Hater of the Year

Brandon Jennings is a strange breed of point guard. After high school, Jennings couldn’t go pro, so he signed with Lottomatica Virtus Roma in Italy. After one season, Jennings was miserable.

He averaged just eight points a game, but railed against the experience — while he was still on the roster. However, his year abroad hardened him even more.

Once he arrived back in the States he set his sights on the Spanish-born Ricky Rubio and lobbed verbal bombs like “overhyped” and “all hype” without hesitation.

This summer, Jennings got bullied more than Jonathan Martin. The Pistons new point guard was slapped by a stranger in a summer league matchup and on his birthday was punched in the face by The Game. Hopefully, he stayed down for a while so as to not rile up Jayceon Taylor. Coincidentally, enough Jennings had mouth surgery a few weeks later.

The Game couldn’t even stop his hatin’. Last month, Jennings' sparked a back-and-forth with former Bucks teammate Larry Sanders, who responded by accusing him of being stingy with the rock.

Since his return from injury, Jennings has looked a little punch-drunk. He's averaging nearly 19 points a game, and 5.6 assists, but he’s still a truculent young guard shooting under 40 percent from the field. 

This week Jennings took at aim at the inclusion of J.R. Smith’s brother, Chris on the Knicks active roster via Twitter and then deleted his tweet. Why did he feel the need to call out the Smith’s family? Who knows? Maybe he’s getting along too well with his teammates and needs to rediscover the edge.

Whether or not Jennings has a point or not is irrelevant. He voluntarily drew himself into a Twitter debate with J.R. Smith, the Pied Pipe® of Social Media. Jennings thrives off the vitriol.

With that said, we’ve got to congratulate B.J. After years of hatin’ he stepped his game up in 2013 and has halted the voting two months early. He is the 2013 Silky Johnson Playa Hater of the Year award winner.  

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