Boxers Predict Winner of HIGH STAKES: Mayweather vs. Berto

With Floyd Mayweather’s last fight happening this Saturday September 12th, against Andre Berto, we decided to ask some other heavy hitters in the sport for their predictions on the fight.

Errol The Truth Spence, Jr (Dallas, TX)

Welterweight 17-0

I got to go with Floyd Mayweather unanimous decision. I mean Andre Berto hes a tough fighter and he can take a punch as good as he can give one. I know Andre Berto is going to fight back. I dont think Berto can stop him unless he just catches him with a great shot and keeps beating him up but Im going to go with Floyd Mayweather unanimous decision.

Anthony The Dog Dirrell (Flint, MI)

Super Middleweight 28-1-1

I mean of course, Andre Berto is a good friend of mine and its a good fight for him; people are saying its not but I think its a good fight. I think he tests Floyd but at the end of the day I think Floyd will still come out undefeatedhe wont lose.

Leo Terregala Santa Cruz (Los Angeles, CA)

Featherweight 31-0-1

No I dont think nobody beats Mayweather. I think hes too smart too quick and everything so I dont think Berto has what it takes to beat Mayweather.

Antonio The Magic Man Tarver (Orlando, FL)

Heavyweight 31-6-1

At any given time in Bertos career, man he would been a huge underdog against Floyd Mayweather so theres nothing unusual about that. But when you look at the guy’s last 4 or 5 fights you want to say (to yourself), what did he do to earn this opportunity?

Well you know he has a great manager but at the same time Floyd Mayweather, theyve given the man carte blanche to choose, to pick and choose, who he wants to fight. It aint like its the first time hes done this so I dont even know why everybody is in an uproar.

Hes the most powerful man in boxing. They going to still pay, they are going to still come and see him and thats it. So if he would have chose anybody other than take some gigantic risk they would have felt the same way.

I just want to see the fight and for Berto he has a chance of a lifetime and thats why we fight the fight. You can say all you want on paper but until you get in there and face him, man up mono e mono you never really know how the sh*t going to unfold, you really dont.

But to his credit you can see that Floyd Mayweather is not taking Berto lightly and thats what its all about thats what separates him from everybody else. Hes approached this thing like that all his whole career like his next fight is going to be his last fight and hes not taking him lightly you see him training so thats the type of respect he has for the game forget about what opponents in front of me I still have to come in this ring 100% ready for battle and thats what separates him from the other champions

While everyone is going with the undefeated champion, it’s interesting that everyone has said the same thing about his opponent. Berto is not an easy fight by any means and he won’t back down or quit at any time. So both fighters will have their hands full tomorrow night and hopefully all fans will be treated to an exciting event. If this is Mayweather’s last match, which he repeatedly says it is, then fans can hopefully witness a great spectacle and one the greatest boxers in history.

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