Boxer Prichard Colon remains in coma days after bout with Terrel Williams

Super-Welterweight fighter Prichard Colon underwent emergency brain surgery to treat a bleed suffered during his bout with Terrel Williams on Saturday, which ended in disqualification and is being investigated.

Both fighters were penalized for illegal punches during the fight. Colon for a low-blow and Williams for landing punches behind the head of Colon.

The 23-year-old boxer began experiencing dizziness and vomited immediately following the fight, which led to him being rushed to the Inova Fairfax Hospital where he remains in a coma.

According to, Colon has shown signs of improvement, as he has begun breathing on his own and has exhibited reflexes in his left hand. However, the boxer remains in a coma with a fever.

Severe injuries are a reality in the brutal sport of boxing. Fighters approach each bout knowing they’re one serious hit away from being seriously injured or worse.

All prayers should be with this young man and his family. 

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