Bone Thugs To Offer Million Dollar Set

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony has plans on reuniting, recording new music and embarking on a world tour in the next few years.  In addition, TMZ is reporting the rap collective plans on heading back to the studio to record a final album with the hope of auctioning off a single copy.  The asking price? $1 million. Yep, for just one copy.  This move follows the lead of Wu-Tang Clan, who got a $5 million bid in the auction for a single copy of a studio album as well, according to RZA.  The Bone Thugs tour will not get underway until December 2014. 

Although many of us will still nod our heads to such hits as “First of the Month," and “Crossroads," we’re cramming to understand who in their right mind would pay $1 million for a copy of unreleased Bone Thugs work.  However, we couldn’t imagine who would pay five times that amount for a single Wu-Tang album either.  

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