Bob Huggins Informs West Virginia He Is Not Leaving Without A Fight | Denies He Resigned, Threatens To Sue If He Is Not Reinstated

The former University of West Virginia Men’s basketball head coach is letting everyone know to drop the former because he hasn’t resigned or retired. Bob Huggins and his lawyers sent out a statement on Monday night that denies he resigned on June 17. The reason for the resignation was because Huggins shined a negative light on the university after using an anti-gay slur during an appearance on a radio show in Cincinnati back in May and a DUI charge on June 16 in Pittsburgh.

Bob Huggins on the sidelines of a West Virginia basketball game. (Photo: @CoachHuggs/ Twitter screenshot)

In Denial

West Virginia released a statement of the Huggins resignation letter that was signed by him. He also met with his team on the night of June 17 and told his players that he was gone.

In the statement his lawyers released on Monday, Huggins said that he didn’t send a statement nor sign one.

“I am employed by WVU pursuant to an Employment Agreement. I never submitted the notice required under the Employment Agreement to voluntarily resign. I let WVU know that I was seeking rehabilitation. However, WVU was not willing to speak with me about the Pittsburgh event nor to provide me time to obtain counsel to review my Employment Agreement. I met with my players on June 17, 2023 and let them know the truth,” the statement read in part.

The legendary head coach expressed in his statement that he would like to remain with the university as their head coach. He wrote, “the basketball program is in need and I have a strong desire to conclude my career as the Head Basketball Coach for the program that I love.”

It was also reported that his lawyers wrote the a letter to the school for them to reinstate him or else he would sue.

If the resignation remains in force, Huggins would finish second in school history with 345 wins. He is also responsible for leading the Mountaineers to their second ever Final Four appearance in 2010. The coach once known as Bob “Thuggins” compiled over 935 wins with coaching tenures at Walsh College, Akron, Cincinnati, Kansas State, and West Virginia.

Huggins was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in September 2022.

What About the DUI Case?

As for the DUI case, Huggins appeared in court on Monday for a hearing. He reportedly waived his preliminary hearing and has a formal arraignment set for 8 a.m. on Aug. 17 at the Pittsburgh Municipal Court.

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