Blue Jays Pitcher Anthony Bass’ Twitter Post Backfires After He Blasts United Airlines For Making Pregnant Wife ‘Get On Her Hands And Knees’ And Clean Up After Messy Toddlers

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass didn’t receive the support he thought he was owed after blasting United Airlines. The MLB journeyman took to Twitter to let his frustrations be heard about a flight attendant that allegedly demanded his wife clean up after their kids aboard a reecent United flight.

Anthony Bass’ two daughters on the plane with the popcorn mess (left), Bass at 2023 Toronto Blue Jays media day. (Photos: Screenshots from Anthony Bass personal Twitter account)

United Airlines has since reached out to Bass and his family to make things right. No details were disclosed about the conversation, but he did tweet thanking the airlines for “taking care of matters with the flight attendant internally.”

What Happened On The Flight?

According to Bass, his wife Sydney Rae Bass was forced to pick up after their 2-year-old daughter that spilled popcorn on the floor of the plane. The flight attendant initially offered the popcorn to his pregnant wife, who were traveling alone with their two toddlers. It was reported that the flight attendant came back to them with a wet wipe and trash bag for them to clean up their mess. The incident reportedly took place on a Sunday morning flight.

“The flight attendant @united just made my 22 week pregnant wife traveling with a 5 year old and 2 year old get on her hands and knees to pick up the popcorn mess by my youngest daughter. Are you kidding me?!?!” he wrote.

Sydney is also the sister of Jessie James Decker, a country singer who is the wife of NFL wide receiver Eric Decker.

She wrote on her Instagram story that her sister was humiliated by the airline after being forced to clean up after her children.

“My sister @sydneyraebass just texted me from her flight on @united. As you know, she is five months pregnant, high-risk, and also traveling alone with her two small children. Blaire accidentally spilled some popcorn in the aisle, and the flight attendant came up to Sydney with a trash bag and a wet wipe, telling her the captain wants Syd to clean up every drop,” Decker wrote.

Not The Response He Wanted

After Bass took his issue to Twitter, fans turned on him and he was not expecting it.

One fan wrote, “Genuinely curious who should clean up the mess your 2 year old made? As a parent of three kids I am the one responsible for them.”

Bass replied, “The cleaning crew they hire!”

The comments kept rolling in though.

“I’ve flown enough sports charters for Delta to know that pro athletes have no respect for airline crews or the aircraft. Grow up and behave,” wrote another fan.

Another fan wrote, “‘My wife had to be a parent!’ That’s you right now.”

A fan also pointed out his 7.38 earned run average.

“So throwing garbage runs in the family?”

The incident sparked a huge debate on Twitter and some fans did show empathy to the situation. They agreed it was harsh to make a pregnant woman kneel and pick up popcorn that a cleaning crew will have to eventually clean up anyway. Bass and his family came to a resolution with United Airlines. He still took time to throw shade at the airline company and Twitter trollers on Monday night.

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