Blake Griffin To Co-Produce Remake of White Men Can’t Jump

If you needed any more proof that LA Clippers (former superstar) Blake Griffins career has reached a serious change of direction since being injured (he hasnt played more than 67 games since 2014-15 season) and decking a trainer a few seasons ago, then look no further than the news that he will be co-producing a remake of the 1992 classic flick, White Men Cant Jump.

The new film will be developed by Black-ish creator Kenya Barris, with a production assist from Griffin and Carolina Panthers center Ryan Kalil.

Barris will write the script for the project, which falls under his overall film deal with Fox that he signed in September. Barris also will act as a producer.

Griffin and Kalil are producing via their Mortal Media banner, along with their partner Noah Weinstein.

Looks as if Griffin is seeing the physical end of his pro career and transferring his energies to his post-career life. Hopefully he hasnt checked out on some D Rose ish, but it is obvious he will start using the celebrity hes accumulated as a healthy NBA leap-freak to set himself up once his career is officially done.

The movie is a classic and remaking it is almost a cant miss. It will be impossible to top it as Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson are two of the most acclaimed actors of our generation. And remaking cult classics can backfire if you arent capturing the essence of the first film while expanding it to fit todays funky societal swings.

Cant wait to find out who the cast is. Knowing Barris, it will be some dynamic African-American talent just bursting out of the seams to be discovered and displayed.

And while black basketball players are still generally considered more athletic, there have been a host of white ballplayers to dismiss the myth of that movie since 1992. However, if you look on the college and pro levels, there’s still some truth to it.

White Men Cant Jump is a 90’s cult classic and a powerful and influential comedy in Black Cinema, touching on racially sensitive issues and one of the unspoken truths concerning pro sports and race. Its a truth that has gotten white men fired for venturing into its legitimacy. When presented as comedy, however it is well-received by the public and this should be no different.

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