“Frankly Disgusting” | Blackhawks GM Says Corey Perry Didn’t Get Cut For Sleeping With Teammates Mom

There is drama surrounding the Chicago Blackhawks. The team released Corey Perry for “disturbing, unacceptable behavior.” At the same time of his release, a rumor began to circulate that Perry slept with teammate Connor Bedard’s mother. This caused many to speculate the tryst was the reason he was cut. The Blackhawks have denied that the rumor played any part in the decision to release Perry.

“This does not involve any players or their families and anything that suggests otherwise or anyone that suggests otherwise is wildly inaccurate and, frankly, it’s disgusting,” Chicago Blackhawks general manager Kyle Davidson said.

“This has been a tough situation and I understand you wanted answers. It was important that we took all the necessary steps before sharing more. I hope you understand that I may not be able to answer everything today, but I am going to be as open and honest as I can be given the situation and out of respect for those involved.”


Text Message Screenshot

A screenshot of a supposed text conversation made the rounds online claiming a TSN reporter shared that Perry had relations with Melanie Bedard on a “mother’s trip,” which led to the player being cut by Chicago.

There has been no verification of this alleged text conversation, so right now this is only speculation.

Melanie Bedard has deactivated her Instagram account as a result of the rumors.

For now the Blackhawks have maintained that the incident that led to Perry’s release is an internal workplace situation.

Locker Room Is Not A Normal Workplace

A locker room is a strange ecosystem. It’s a workplace, but it has different rules and the way you feel about your teammates can directly impact wins and losses. You essentially live with these people for half the year. It’s a weird existence.

If a teammate slept with another teammate’s mother that would cause a lot of friction in the locker room. You would have to remove one of them from the team. The situation would be too volatile.

The Blackhawks signed Perry to a one-year contract worth $4 million in the offseason. Perry had spent the past two seasons playing for the Tampa Bay Lightning, scoring 12 goals and 25 points in his final year with the team.

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