Black Quarterback Chronicles: Significance of Patrick Mahomes’ Super Bowl Destiny

After Sunday’s 5-TD performance in a 51-31 thrashing of Deshaun Watson’s Houston Texans coupled with Russell Wilson’s loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday and Jackson’s upset loss to the Titans on Saturday, the playoffs now belong to Patrick Mahomes II.   

Those other QBs that he had to share headlines with in the regular seaoson dropped out of the race like Cory Booker and Kamala Harris. 

Junior is the last brother balling in the playoffs in this Golden Age for Black quarterbacks. He has risen to the top of the pack. In a season where Black QBs are finally getting props that they were denied for so long, Mahomes could paint a picture perfect ending with a Super Bowl title.


History In The Making…Man

At the start of these playoffs, for the first time in NFL history,  there were four Black All-Pro quarterbacks with a shot at winning a Super Bowl; Russell Wilson, Lamar Jackson, Deshuan Watson and Patrick Mahomes. 

All Black quarterback support should now be transferred to Mahomes, who is in a position to become the third Black quarterback in history to win a Super Bowl and the 7th to ever play in one. Cam Newton is the last to do it in a loss to Denver in Super Bowl 50. 

In 2018, Mahomes had what some would call the greatest individual season by a quarterback in NFL history, throwing for over 5,000 yards and 50 TDs.  The only other QB to ever do that was the regular season GOAT, Peyton Manning. 

Mahomes fell a game short of the Super Bowl. But everybody knew that if KC could get that defense to a respectable level and his weapons were healthy, he’d have a better shot this season.

LaMar Jackson Steals The Shines

Then, along came LaMar Jackson, who captivated the media and fans with his dual-threat brilliance, stole some of Mahomes thunder, Jackson conjured memories of Mike Vick and the Black quarterbacks who preceded him  and were criticized for the same style that he is now lauded for. 

Bill Polian’s suggestion that Jackson be converted to a wide receiver also set the stage for Jackson’s redemption song and contributed to the groundswell of support and praise that the running rebel received this season while leading the NFL in TD passes, breaking Vick’s rushing record and navigating Baltimore to a league-best 14-2 record. 

While Lamar rode his high all the way into the playoffs, Mahomes’ year had its peaks and valleys. He got hurt and missed a few games and his numbers don’t compare to his MVP season. That doesn’t mean he didn’t play at an All-Pro level because he did and when he got fully healthy the Chiefs became one of the best teams in football, led by a guy who ESPN analyst and former NFL HC Rex Ryan calls “The best player he’s ever seen.”

KC still has one AFC title game to go against the surprising Tennessee Titans. After that, the crown is his for the taking.

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