The Golden Age Of Black NFL Quarterbacks Is Happening Right Now

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re in a Golden Age for NFL Black quarterbacks. We are witnessing the emergence of QBs of color who are not only high draft picks but are exceptional pros out the gate.

They keep coming each season, leading teams to wins and obliterating past biases about the “capabilities” and intellect of Black quarterbacks.

We got Dak Prescott leading Dallas. He’s about to become the NFL’s highest-paid QB any day now.

Cam Newton is a former MVP and still leading Carolina. The GREAT Russell Wilson is a Super Bowl champ and overall winner in life for the Seattle Seahawks.

Jacoby Brissett has taken over for Andrew Luck in Indianapolis and Deshaun Watson makes the Texans twice as good when he’s out there doing his thing.

Some of these QBs are rising superstars and others are just too damn good.

Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes II set all kinds of records as a first-year starter and won League MVP. This season he is off to a similar start. On Sunday he threw for 443 yards and 4 TD. He’s insane.

Baltimore Ravens Lamar Jackson is a record-breaking fool these days. Prior to 2018 NFL Draft, former NFL GM Bill Polian said Jackson should play running back or wide receiver. On Sunday he did this:

Lamar is throwing with precision, running through defenses, and has his squad looking like early Super Bowl contenders.

“He’s doing all these things, better than anyone in the NFL right now,” said ESPN Get Up analyst Rex Ryan.

LJ’s squad clashed with Arizona Cardinals rookie Kyler Murray, who didn’t throw any TDs on Sunday but did air out 349 yards without throwing a pick. Murray just couldn’t get in the endzone enough and his team lost 23-17 to the Ravens.

Let’s not forget the maligned Jameis Winston who got a huge win on Thursday night over Carolina. And from all reports, Teddy Bridgewater will finally get a chance to start an NFL game again.

Bridgewater, who had thrown just 55 NFL passes since obliterating his knee in 2015, was thrust into action and rusty as hell too. It has been a long road back and he fought admirably going 17-30 for 165 yards after Brees left the game.

With Brees out at least six weeks with a torn thumb ligament requiring surgery, Bridgewater has sole control of Sean Payton’s deadly offense.

It’s encouraging to see the quarterback position finally start to allow talented players of color to flourish in systems designed for their skill set.

Despite the fact that Colin Kaepernick is still being blackballed by NFL owners, it looks like the league has finally caught up to the diverse and previously taboo concept of the black quarterback.

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