Black Quarterback Chronicles: NFL Top 5 Black QBs Through Week 11

Black quarterbacks are still putting it on at an elite level. How do their performances rank in Week 11? 

1.      Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs) – What more can I say this guy just has the “IT” factor. So cerebral at just 25 years old. Never rattled and always capable of making a play out of no play. His Chiefs sit at 9-1 and he’s the main reason. Their defense although better still doesn’t make enough stops for me. In last night’s last-second 35-31 win over the division-rival Raiders, he was magnificent as usual. Leading his team on a game-winning 75-yard touchdown drive in just over a minute and a half. Culminating in a TD strike to do-it-all tight end Travis Kelce. For the season he’s passed for 27 touchdown passes and just 2 interceptions. He also leads the league with 3035 passing yards.

2.      Russell Wilson (Seahawks) – Wilson is just a maestro for the “Hawks”. He and Mahomes throw the best deep ball in the NFL. Wilson bounced back in a big way on Thursday night in a win over the Cardinals. In three of his four previous games, he had ten total turnovers, very odd for a guy who protects the ball traditionally with only guys like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady being a tad better at it. Much of that stemmed from his defense being awful and him overcompensating, forcing plays. For the season he has 30 touchdown passes and 10 interceptions. He was intent on getting the season spilt with Zona after losing to them 24 days earlier.

3.      Kyler Murray (Cardinals) – What a treat it is to watch Kyler Murray play football. It’s like sandlot football with him running and juking defenses into oblivion. But he can also sling it as well, case in point his “Hail Murray” toss to all-world wideout DeAndre Hopkins to beat the Bills with no time remaining. Tough loss in Seattle on a short week after that emotional win but most real prognosticators penciled that in considering road team do miserably on “Thursday Night Football. He’s displayed an explosive package of running (619 yards and 10 TD) and passing (2644) yards with 19 touchdowns and 8 interceptions.

4.      Deshaun Watson (Texans) – Watson was done a complete disservice by his former coach Bill O’Brien as he traded away his best weapon and arguably the best receiver in football DeAndre Hopkins. Despite that and a bad defense, Watson has persevered to the tune of 2889 passing yards to go along with 20 touchdown passes and just 5 interceptions. He just needs an Eric Bienemy in his life and the results would and could be endless. Watson is a dual-threat himself although becoming more comfortable in the pocket in his continued development, he still has 269 rushing yards and 3 rush touchdowns. The team is awful but it’s not on him. Big win over NE yesterday.

5.      Lamar Jackson (Ravens) – Lamar is still sensational and definitely dynamic but not to the tune of what he did to defenses in 2019 when he won NFL MVP. His biggest struggle is still learning to throw with anticipation and also throwing outside the hashes. Teams have been more inclined to take away the middle of the field against him and neutralize his comfort zone (Tight Ends).

He has passed for 1948 yards with 15 touchdowns and just 6 interceptions. On the ground he has 575 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns as well, unleashing a dual-threat skillset that is still a force to be reckoned with.

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