Black Quarterback Chronicles | Gritty Quarterback Performances Won The Day

The passing yardage wasn’t as insane as in Week 1 across the league. The defenses have settled in and guts have become an essential element for any winning QB. These guys showed the grit needed to win tough games in the NFL on Sunday. 

Thank The Football Gods He Didn’t Play MLB 

Kyler Murray put it on for Black quarterbacks in Week 2. The diminutive dynamo was the most electrifying player in the league, passing for 400 yards and three TDs to lead the 2-0 Arizona Cardinals to a dramatic 34-33 win over the Minnesota Vikings. Murray did throw two picks, but his magnificence outshined his imperfections on Sunday.

The 5-foot-10 signal caller continues to shatter stereotypes about small quarterbacks and what they are capable of accomplishing in a modern-style offense against huge NFL defenders. 

Lamar’s Legs Beat Mahomes’ Arm 

Patrick Mahomes was his usual efficient self on Sunday night in a 36-35 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

Mahomes threw for 343 yards — the fifth-highest total of the day — and three TDs, but when it was all said and done, Ravens superstar QB Lamar Jackson (107 yards rushing) took the ball into his hands and relied on the athleticism and remarkable field vision that makes him the most unique weapon in the game.  

DangeRuss Has No Backup 

Russell Wilson continues to sorely miss the days of The Legion of Boom, when Seahawks fans could guarantee that if Wilson put up 343 yards, two TDs and 30 points — as he did on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans — he’d be walking back through the tunnel with a victory under his belt. 

That hasn’t been the case for the past few years as every impact player on that all-time great defensive unit is gone with the exception of linebacker Bobby Wagner (who had an NFL-high 16 solo tackles on Sunday). Running back beast Derrick Henry gored the Seattle defense for 182 yards rushing and three TDs, rendering Wilson’s aerial exhibition meaningless. 

The Redemption Song Of Teddy B Is A Whole Tune

Teddy Bridgewater continues to write one of the greatest comeback stories in NFL history. After a horrific injury in 2015, Bridgewater was forgotten by most fans.

He ground and worked his way back into the NFL before finally corralling a starting job with the Carolina Panthers last season as they began the journey of life after Cam Newton. 

Teddy B threw for over 3,700 yards and 15 TDs last season, which put him in position to win Denver’s starting gig this season. The Broncos are 2-0, and Bridgewater, known as a “game manager,” whipped the pigskin all over the field for 328 yards and a couple of TD passes to lead the Broncos to a 23-13 win at Jacksonville.

Dak Lets His Backfield Brother Eat 

Dak Prescott is the only other melananted quarterback that is worth mentioning this week.

While he didn’t dazzle the crowd with his 237 yards passing, he controlled the game and let his high-priced running back Ezekiel Elliott finally get a groove going with 16 carries for 71 hard-fought yards and a TD.

Dak was very efficient, completing 23 of 27 passes and gutting out a tough 20-17 win over a strong Chargers squad. 

Stay tuned for Black Quarterback Chronicles Week 3

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