Black QB Chronicles | Black Quarterbacks Open NFL Season With Undefeated Sunday

Nine Black quarterbacks out of 32 teams wereslated to start in NFL Week 1 games.

Dak Prescott started on Thursday night and had a stellar performance with 403 yards passing and three TDs, but it wasn’t enough to hold off a signature last-minute drive by Tom Brady. Lamar Jackson made his start on Monday night in prime time against the Las Vegas Raiders.

Black Starters Went 7-0 On Sunday 

As far as the seven Black quarterbacks who started on Sunday goes, all we can say is “perfection.”

Brothers were balling out through the air and on the ground, once again proving that the Black quarterback is no longer a one-dimensional afterthought. Like their many different shades of melanin, Black quarterbacks have myriad styles and various ways to impact a franchise.


Patrick Mahomes Still Captain Crunchtime

The former Super Bowl and NFL MVP still sets the standard as far as elite quarterbacking goes and is still the future of the position.

Mahomes was thrown into a tough match with a Cleveland team that many experts feel is a Super Bowl contender. The Dog Pound defense was up to the task, but Mahomes outlasted them. He threw for a typical 337 yards, plus three TDS and no turnovers. His 75 percent pass completion rate was top 5 on Sunday.

The “$500 Million Man” is showing no ill effects from that horrible Super Bowl loss to the Bucs in February.

Jalen Hurts Time In Philly 

If there were any doubts that Hurts could handle the high expectations in Philadelphia, he answered those concerns on Sunday in a 32-6 thrashing of the Atlanta Falcons.

The second-year quarterback was given the reins to the offense when the Eagles traded Carson Wentz just one season after awarding him a record contract. Hurts’ best traits have always been his leadership and his prevailing nature. He’s a team-oriented star.

These intangibles were on full display as the first-year starter threw for 264 yards, only missed on eight passes in 35 attempts, and threw three scores.

It’s Jalen Hurts time in Philly, a town that is familiar with elite Black quarterbacks. Philadelphia has been a haven for transcending African-American signal-callers. The incomparable Randall Cunningham got his start with the Eagles.

Donovan McNabb put up what many consider Hall of Fame numbers and led the Eagles to a Super Bowl during his run from 1999-2009. The great Michael Vick revitalized his career in Philly following his incarceration for dogfighting.

Kyler Murray Keeps Leveling Up

Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cardinals has continued to improve and show his multifaceted skill set. Murray’s offensive repertoire was firing on all cylinders.

Either way you slice it Murray is a front runner for the award.

The elusive dynamo with the slingshot arm threw for 289 yards and four TDs in a 38-13 wash of the Tennessee Titans, who were under the impression that they could contend for a Super Bowl.

Murray, the 2019 AP Offensive Rookie of the Year,  muzzled those talks in Week 1.


Russell Wilson Primed For First MVP Campaign

Russell Wilson’s 10th NFL season might be his best one yet.

Wilson, one of three Black quarterbacks to win a Super Bowl, has a well-equipped team on both sides of the ball. The front office tried to address his public discontent with the number of sacks he’s been subjected to.

In typical Wilson fashion, once the lights came on, the talking stopped. Wilson scrambled around like a roach avoiding bug spray, surgically dissecting (28-16) a solid Colts squad.

The perennial All-Pro threw for a modest 254 yards, but he was genius in his orchestration of the offense as he threw four TD passes to complement the second-highest QB rating of the day (152.3).

Tyrod Taylor Returns To Take Back His Career 

We know the old saying “Good things come to those who wait.” Well, the veteran quarterback has been waiting a year to reassume his job as an NFL starter.

With Deshaun Watson’s status uncertain due to an investigation into allegations by over 20 women of sexual misconduct, Texans head coach David Culley turned to Taylor to keep the team competitive until Watson is either traded or reinserted in the lineup.

The former Buffalo Bills quarterback did more than that. He passed for 291 yards and two touchdowns in a 37-21 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday

The 2020 COVID season sidelined a bunch of players, caused games to be canceled, and influenced others to pass on the season due to health concerns. Taylor also had physical setbacks in 2020, but the injury he sustained wasn’t caused by a pandemic.

Taylor earned the starting quarterback job for the Chargers in 2020 but then lost it to rookie sensation Justin Herbert after a team doctor accidentally punctured Taylor’s lung while trying to administer a pain-killing injection to his cracked ribs.

Rookie Herbert stepped in and established himself as the future of the squad. Now Taylor was jobless. It was an unfortunate break, but ultimately everything turned out for the best

Jameis “No More Pick 6” Winston

If the knock on Jameis Winston was his inability to be efficient, then the former 5,000-yard passer silenced his critics on Sunday.

Not only was Winston efficient in leading Sean Payton’s offense, but he was highly productive. The 2013 Heisman Trophy winner threw five TD passes on just 148 yards passing to lead the Saints to a 38-3 annihilation of the Green Bay Packers


Michael Irvin lauded Winston’s decision-making on “First Take.” Any past problems Winston had with turnovers are being rectified by an offensive guru who navigated Drew Brees’ rise to the leading passer in NFL history with 80,358 yards.

When Winston fell into Sean Payton’s lap last season, it was only a matter of time before he became the team’s No 1 offensive weapon.

Steady Teddy Bridgewater

This guy’s name is fitting because he really is like water under the bridge; he just keeps flowing.

Teddy B’s steady performance, intelligence, and ability to protect the ball have earned him the starting nod for the quarterback-strapped Denver Broncos.

Bridgewater is five seasons removed from a horrific knee injury that almost ended his career. From 2016-19 he started just six total games while on the comeback trail. Bridgewater regained a starting position in 2020 and put in work for 15 games with the Carolina Panthers.

He was traded to the Broncos in April. Incumbent Drew Locke wasn’t getting the job done.

Enter Bridgewater, who put those fears to rest on Sunday in a huge 27-13 opening day win over the New York Giants. Teddy B will face better competition as the year progresses, but Broncos fans should be content with knowing that they have a smooth operator on the controls.

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