Black Panther Won The College Football National Championship

    In July of 1966, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby gave Black comic book fans something so culturally significant that 50 years later it still re-energized and motivated Black America. 

    That something was the character Black Panther, and when he made his debut in Fantastic Four #52, a legend was born.

    We all know the story of T’Challa, aka Black Panther; who he was, what he did, his intellect, attitude, bravery and all around style, swagger and flavor. He preceded other Black comic book characters such as Falcon (1969), John Stewart aka Green Lantern (1971) and Luke Cage (1972) and while he was of African descent, he was immediately welcomed by Black America without hesitation.

    Fifty years after his debut, Chadwick Boseman donned the suit and drove fans crazy when he appeared in “Captain America: Civil War”, demonstrating that no length of time could diminish the love fans had for Black Panther. Then the first trailer for the Black Panther movie dropped, and Blerds worldwide went crazy, blowing Twitter up when the trailer deubted.

    Black Panther Teaser Trailer [HD]

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    But last night, towards the end of halftime of the College Football National Championship, Kendrick Lamar exited the stage and ESPN dropped the highly publicized and anticipated new trailer for “Black Panther” and Black Twitter exploded.

    The Shadow League on Twitter

    Here is the Black Panther preview that just aired during halftime of the #NationalChampionship

    The movie opens worldwide on February 16th. Those lucky enough to get tickets to the limited number of shows on the 15th will be in their glory before the rest of the world. But last night everyone was T’Challa and he, and all Black Panther fans, won the night. Sorry Alabama.

    Here are a few of the best Tweets from the night.

    theblerdgurl on Twitter

    Folks that just realized @theblackpanther tickets went on sale yesterday. #BlackPantherSoLit #BlackPanther

    Planet Blerdom on Twitter

    Just picked my new babies up! #theplanet #blackpanther #feb16 #FunkoPop

    Michael R. Williams on Twitter

    Black Panther tickets are sold out* Me:

    Matthew A. Cherry on Twitter

    Use a gif to describe your reaction to #BlackPanther now being available for pre-sale