Black Panther, Bubba Wallace Create Amazing Weekend Of Black History

Black History Month is a time for honoring.

It’s a time to learning about and celebrate the people, accomplishments, events and moments in Black History which have shaped our lives and filled our history books. Remembering those who carved a path for others to follow despite the odds and obstacles placed in front of them. Celebrating the moments and events which hold great cultural significance for the past, present and future. To be a part of that history, experience it being created or actually creating it is special, and this past weekend we were fortunate enough to be a part of two special events.

On Thursday night, the long awaited and highly anticipated movie “Black Panther” finally opened and history was immediately made.

Matthee A. Cherry on Twitter

It’s official #BlackPanther crossed the $200 million dollar mark at the box office this 3 day weekend to the tune of $201.8M made domestically. The 4 day projections now heading to about $235M. #WakandaForever

Yes, a record making performance for the movie that everyone went crazy for. Fans dressed up for it, entire neighborhoods flocked to see it, people rented out theaters for it and everyone was thrilled and inspired by it. And, maybe most importantly, it demonstrated the power of Black people and how they could single handedly drive the success of a film, especially at the box office.

According to

Disney has verified this morning what we saw in the middle of the night, that TChalla recorded the second-best Sunday ever at the domestic box office. Its $60.1 million (higher than the industrys $59.55M estimate last night) ranks only behind the all-time record held by Disney/Lucasfilms Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($60.5M on December 20, 2015). The total now pushes Black Panther to a three-day total of $201.8M, still the fifth-best domestic opening of all time after 2012s Avengers ($207.4M).

But the story gets event better reports Deadline.

Disney does see Black Panther making $235M over four days, which means it will beat the Friday-Monday hauls of of Avengers ($226.3M) and Jurassic World ($234.1M). But there are those in the industry who believe TChalla has a shot to be the second-highest four-day opener ever with as much as $242M-$245M behind Star Wars: Force Awakens ($288M) but taking out Star Wars: The Last Jedi ($241.6M).

New York Times Arts on Twitter

Black Panther” instantly became the top-grossing film in history by a black director and featuring a largely black cast

Black Panther raked in an estimated $169 million overseas, shattering records in many markets including African, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. Korea ranked first in the top overseas markets with $25.3 million.

But Black History didn’t stop there for down in Florida engines were about to roar to life and history was about to be made again, this time in Daytona at NASCAR. Yes, you read that right. At NASCAR.

Darrrell “Bubba” Wallace, who we have covered and followed for many years, made history all weekend, first by becoming only the second full-time African-American driver in NASCAR since Wendell Scott in 1971 and second by becoming the first Black driver to race in a Daytona 500 since 1969 (Scott took 13th in 1966). But his most amazing, history making performance was reserved for the actual race, for when he narrowly took second in last night’s accident plagued Daytona 500, Wallace became the highest placing Black driver in NASCAR’s premier race.  

Even before the race, Hank Aaron and Lewis Hamilton, two men who hold great cultural importance and influence themselves, reached out to give him their support.

Lewis Hamilton on Twitter

Hey @BubbaWallace! Wishing you the absolute best today in your race. Smash it!!


The significance and impact of the weekend and his performance was not lost on Wallace, his family or the media and it all came pouring out in Wallace’s post-race press conference.

The Shadow League on Twitter

The family of @BubbaWallace has him in tears after his historic 2nd place finish at the #DAYTONA500 Mom- “I’m so proud of you, baby! You waited so long, baby!” Bubba (crying)- “God dang it, Mom!” And sister:

So during the month of February, where we give additional attention to, and education about, Black leaders and moments, we were fortunate enough to experience a weekend where history was made not once but twice.

And the best part is that Black Panther and Bubba Wallace show no signs of slowing down (literally) or having their history making paths blocked.

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