NASCAR Legend Jimmie Johnson’s Mother-In-Law Commits Murder Suicide

Seven-time NASCAR Series champion Jimmie Johnson’s mother-in-law, Terry Janway, shot and killed her husband, Jack Janway, and their grandson, Dalton, late on June 26 at the family’s home in Muskogee, Oklahoma, before killing herself, according to police.

Bodycam Footage Reveals Horrific Incident

Police bodycam footage of the crime scene shows officers approaching the home, and after seeing what was believed to be Jack Janway’s arm sticking out from underneath a blanket in a hallway through a window the armed police officers opened the front door and announced their presence. A single gunshot was heard as they entered.

Investigators determined the gunshot came from Terry, who committed suicide. She was found unresponsive on the couch with a gun beside her, police say. The investigative unit with the assistance of a K9 located the deceased body of the Janway’s 11-year-old grandson, Dalton.

Terry and Jack Janway are the parents of Chandra Janway, Johnson’s wife of 19 years. They are also the grandparents to Jimmie and Chandra’s two daughters.

The Janways And Tragedy

Any time something shocking and tragic like this happens, families are turned upside down, and the process of dealing with the event is unpredictable and arduous.

Johnson was due to be in Chicago for a NASCAR street race on July 2, but he withdrew.

“LEGACY MOTOR CLUB has elected to withdraw the No. 84 Carvana Chevrolet from this weekend’s NASCAR Cup Series event in Chicago,” the stock car racing team said in a statement. “The Johnson family has asked for privacy at this time and no further statements will be made.”

In an interview with Fox 23, Muskogee mayor Marlon Coleman said he was a patient of Jack Janway, who was a chiropractor in town.

“It was traumatizing to find out that a long-standing family who had made so many contributions to our community were involved in this type of incident. It was even more bone-chilling to find out there was a child involved,” Coleman said. “I knew Dr. Janway. Dr. Janway has worked on me, we’ve been acquaintances for a very, very long time since I’ve been in Muskogee. Just knowing that it was him and his family took a different toll on me.”

This isn’t the first time tragedy has struck the Janway family. Chandra’s brother, Jordan, tragically died at 27 in a 2014 skydiving accident in San Diego, California.

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