Black Girl Blamed For Causing Confederate Revolt At Michigan HS School

Officials say protests are ongoing outside of a Michigan high school in where it is an alleged a black female student snatched a Confederate flag off a white classmate’s truck.

Yesterday, school officials reportedly canceled class at Bay City Western High School over a threat that WNEM-TV later said was not credible. The so-called demonstration began on Tuesday when six pickup trucks gathered outside of the school baring Confederate colors. The tally swelled to dozens by Wednesday. In addition to flying the colors of the flag of the failed revolt in the south, other symbols have were used. 

Otherwise benign symbols such as Gadsen flags, the logo of Marvel’s the Punisher, and Trump campaign flags could be seen displayed prominently. Among them, the Punisher logo is known to have been usurped by white nationalists.

After school was called off, the “protesters” gathered at a local park and help a cookout. Student Cameron Myers said he organized the protest earlier this week after a black classmate removed the Confederate flag on his truck, which he said was vandalized with a racial slur.

They wrote the N word on the back of my truck, Myers told WJRT-TV. I have the video of her doing it, and they ripped down my flag.

Confederate flag sparks protests at Bay City Western High school

(04/18/18) – Students at Bay City Western High School are speaking out for and against a display of Confederate flags just outside the campus this week. Pickup trucks flying the flags have been parked in a lot next to school property Tuesday and Wednesday, making a sort of demonstration.

No video has surfaced as of yet, but please forgive any skepticism. White folks have been crying wolf on black folks for hundreds of years.  And why would a black student write the “N-word” on a white boy’s truck? Sounds like a complete fabrication on its face. However, racism leads very little truth to manifest. Only hate and fear. 

I guess we’ll have to wait and see on that one. Meanwhile, this “demonstration” was more than that, it was a display of force, a saber-rattling designed to let every black child at the school know exactly what type of forces they’re dealing with. Myers said school administrators failed to act, although he said his truck was parked on school property at the time, and he complained he was the victim of a double standard.

I want to do whats right, he said. If I would have went to and touched her car, I would have been suspended. If I would have done anything to her car, I would have been suspended. So I want repercussions for what was done to my property.

Myers said the flag represented a country boy thing to him and his friends, and he told a reporter the symbol has been part of American history since the founding of the U.S.

Were flying the flag because of injustice, Myers said. It looks cool in the mirror, he said.
Wrong. Everything he has said thus far about the Confederate battle flag is wrong. Its origins, date of inception and the “injustice” of which he speaks, all bull.

A very small population of minority students attend the school. So, the showing of “force” becomes even more cowardice in retrospect.
I honestly dont care if they fly the flag on their way home, but we have such a small minority population, said student Kendrix Szilagyi. We do not have a diverse school at all, it is a white majority for sure, so the fact that we have to come in every day with kids who already feel out of place, every single day they have to come and see these flags that represent far more all of the white students here could ever imagine.

The Shadow League will keep you posted as this story continues to develop.

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