Black Beauties Breakdown

We suspect most people will look at our list of women and nod their heads in approval. They will overstand the point we’re making and appreciate our commitment to identifying this collection of gorgeous women. The non-believers out there will look at our list and have beef. We’re good with that, though; we really are. For those wondering how we came up with this list, we’ll explain some but not all. Here’s what we’re willing to discuss.

Beyoncé and Dorothy Dandridge, both, getting upset in the first round: Look, we all agree that Beyonce is a very attractive women. As was Dorothy Dandridge, so the the fact that they didn’t reach the finals should not be cause for concern.  Bey was felled by the pretty ass ax swung by Stacey Dash. Ultimately, we had to consider that SD is 46 years old and the fact that we even have to debate whether she beats out Beyoncé is proof positive why we had to move forward in the way we did. As far as DD, we love all the old-school black and white pictures, but it’s hard to go against someone like Tamia, who we can see in living color. Plus, Tamia is like Dorothy Dandridge 2.0, anyway.

Why Phylicia Rashad over Vanity: Mrs. Huxtable, fam. Mrs. Huxtable! Enough said.

Why we included so many “older” women: We wanted to include black beauties from generations passed. Remember going to your uncle’s house and seeing issues of Jet and Ebony on the table? We were inspired by those moments. Yeah, we know we left a couple of young ones on the cutting room floor, but it's not like like any of those young girls could hold a candle to someone like Diahann Carroll, anyway.

Celebrities vs. Non-celebrities: This is a collection of the finest women that are universally known. One of the benefits of stardom is saturation, and how by consistently looking at someone, you start to deem her more and more attractive. Look, we know there are women right now, who we don’t know, that are just as attractive, if not more so, than the 32 we picked for this group. We’ve just never seen them. This is group of black women we have all seen, and thus, can all comment on.

Why we didn’t take any points away from Halle Berry for her “off-court" issues: We know that Halle’s track record is full of unfortunate moments, but if anything, it sorta works in her favor. Regardless of what has been reported about her previous transgressions, a lot of dudes would still take their chances and wife her up.



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