Steve Bisciotti Admits the Obvious, Kaep’s Protest Is A Factor

For the entire time that Colin Kaepernick has been trying to get a job in this NFL offseason, there have been people saying that his absence from any training camp has been for football related reasons. Meanwhile, the pro-Kaepernick crowd has been adamant in its belief that he’s being blackballed due to his protest actions last season.  

WATCH- Colin Kaepernick Blackball Quotes

Colin Kaepernick Blackball Quotes

Inevitably, the truth was bound to come out.  As is often the case with individuals who really believe they aren’t doing anything wrong, Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti recently spilled the beans on the real reason why Kaepernick was not signed by his team after some outlets reported that head coach John Harbaugh had reached out to the unemployed QB and that incumbent starter Joe Flacco had said that he was okay with Colin joining the team. 

Never mind that former Ravens’ all-time great Ray Lewis has been demonstratively anti-Kaepernick from day one. Lewis is beloved in Baltimore and has always had Bisciotti’s ear. He represents the organization’s past greatness, but the question is what are the Baltimore Ravens going to do about solidifying their immediate future?  

Baltimore Ravens on Twitter

Ray Lewis with #Ravens Owner Steve Bisciotti. #RavensCamp

If you would have told me an indoor football league player would ever be picked over a player with the explosive big play potential that Kaep brings, I would’ve called you a liar until I saw it myself.  Well, I saw it and I still think they’re lying. Unbelievable!

The peculiar part about the scenario that’s unfolding is that the National Football League has introduced politics into sports on numerous occasions, particularly so with their paid tributes to the United States Armed Forces. Additionally, the league continues to fly the Confederate battle flag, among others, at the Super Bowl. 

To claim that Kaepernick’s protests are politicizing football while simultaneously draping oneself in Old Glory is just hypocritical.  

Mr. Bisciotti should own his viewpoint, which appears to be that he feels Kaep violated the code and should be punished for expressing his right to free speech, and not try to get off the hook by fishing for a reason not to sign him amid your own fanbase.  

Commissioner Roger Goodell and all other NFL line toe-ers consistently shoot down the notion that Kaepernick is being blackballed, but he most definitely is! That’s a shook move. 

Own your decision, no matter what it is, on why a young, talented and accomplished quarterback can’t help a team that finished 5-11 last year and currently has Larry, Curly and Mo sharing the signal caller duties in training camp.  

Baltimore Ravens on Twitter

Steve Bisciotti recently shared some high praise for John Harbaugh after a 5-11 season:

However, that would then leave the Baltimore Ravens and the NFL open to possible legal proceedings for discriminatory practices. That’s the real reason why we have all the tip-toeing from those owners who are willing to speak on the record.

But time will tell whether or not Kaep’s banishment will extend into the NFL season.  With the burgeoning rumble of an NFL protest bubbling on the horizon, Goodell, Ravens’ President Dick Cass and the rest of the National Football League best get their stories straight.  

People are talking about boycotting the NFL if Kaep isn’t reinstated. The league is already taking an incredible public relations hit with the recently revealed CTE risks for players. Why they continue aiding and abetting the censorship of Kaepernick is beyond me.

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