Bill Cosby Returns to NBC

    NBC used to stand for Nothing. But. Cosby. Remember back in the 80s and 90s? But Cosby’s relationship with the network goes all the way back to 1972, when The New Bill Cosby Show premiered on NBC. Now Bill and the network are on track to make each other money one more time. The 76-year-old funnyman will return to NBC for a new untitled family comedy. The show will be produced by Tom Werner, who co-produced The Cosby Show. And Cosby will play the patriarch of a multi-generational family. His desire to return to television was initially expressed last November.

    "There is a viewership out there that wants to see comedy, and warmth, and love, and surprise, and cleverness, without going into the party attitude," he told Yahoo TV. "They would like to see a married couple that acts like they love each other, warts and all, children who respect the parenting, and the comedy of people who make mistakes."

    An executive reportedly told the New York Times that the show is in preliminary stages and the network has not yet seen a script.