Beyonce to Be Highest Paid Black Singer of All Time

    You gotta give it up to Beyonce. The hottest thing in music, her sexy looks and sensual moves make brothas salivate. While her diva style and slick feminist lyrics have the ladies singing anthems.

    Married to the biggest MC in the game, Jay Z, Beyonce’s business acumen hit a new level of respect with the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. Currently on pace to rake in $200 million, if this happens when wrapping this year, Beyonce Carter will become the highest paid African American artist in history, topping Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nature Tour which made $160 million.

    Unforgotten in manifesting this feat are the countless chitterling circuit musicians who slept in cars, used Jim Crow “Black only” bathrooms, and performed in clubs where people of color weren’t legally allowed to sit. Without them, there would be no Bey, or her epic takeover today.