BET’s “Bobby Brown Story” Humanizes Once Vilified Singer

America’s obsession with the so-called “Bad Boy” musician has origins that span cultures. Perhaps as many cultures as there are people in the American tapestry. Indeed, performers and their behaviors have been part of history dating back to the Roman Empire with scandalous liaisons between senators and their lovers, often poets, singers and theater performers. In the modern times, that paradigm is set upon by the ideas of contemporary society, and race is most assuredly part of that scenario.

From Fats Domino, to Chuck Berry, James Brown and Marvin Gaye, black performers are not only viewed through the lens of judgemental puritanicals but race as well.  With BET’s Bobby Brown Story we set a dramatic retelling of the life that seemed equal parts charmed and tragic, a tumultuous combination for certain.

If It Isn’t Love, Why Do We Feel This Way?

Like many people around the country today, I’m beyond hyped for BET’s New Edition biopic mini-series, the first of three parts which airs tonight at 9:00PM EST.

The life of Bobby Brown has been told through the perspective of others on the small screen with several Whitney Houston biopics and a highly-successful New Edition mini-series depicting him as something of an uncontrollable wildman.  But, as any grandma can tell you, there are always three parts to every story; his side, their side, and the actual truth.  

[EXCLUSIVE] ‘The Bobby Brown Story’ Full Length Super Trailer | The Bobby Brown Story

Here’s a sneak peek at the 2-night, epic event starting on September 4, 2018 at 9/8C. Still haven’t subscribed to BET on Youtube? Download the BET NOW app for full episodes of your favorite BET shows and exclusive content!

While “The Bobby Brown Story”‘s truth is subjective to all but Bobby Brown himself, much of the telling is supposedly from Brown’s perspective. Thus, a more humanizing element is apparent almost immediately.

Actor Woody McClain plays Brown in the two-part TV movie that premiered on September 4.

Of course, much of it deals with his career as a group member of New Edition, and his meteoric if not abbreviated solo career.  Also, there’s a great deal about his marriage to the late, music great Whitney Houston. The offering also alludes to a fling with Janet Jackson that resulted in him kicking her out of his hotel room.

The New Edition Story: From Boys to Men

The antiquated technologies, the colorful fashions and the memories of ’80s summer afternoons running through fire hydrants, playing hide and seek, eating popsicles and corner store candy just cascade across the mind when recalling this excellent piece of work from BET.

It begins with his exit from New Edition and covers the span of 30 years up through the death of daughter Bobbi Kristina in 2015.
Indeed, that’s a lot of space to cover in a two-part film. Some of the material is pulled directly from the 2016 Bobby Brown memoir “Every Little Step I Take” in which he describes his life in minute, often graphic, detail.

While the movie does explore his relationship with Houston, as well as the drugs, jail stints, and cheating, he avoids discussing their issues in detail.

I want people to remember her for her music, performances, her beauty, Brown said in his interview with McClain promoting the film. I believe if she was here, if she told her story, itd be a whole different story.

Moments later, he elaborated: Why would I talk about her drug use in the documentary? I could talk about mine because mine is plain, cut, pure but I would never downgrade that womans name at any time.

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