Benches Clear in Near Brawl During UAB vs Louisiana Tech Hoops Game

The University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB) and Louisiana Tech hoops game went awry at the 6:03 mark of the second half of play when both ball clubs’ benches cleared and a near-brawl almost ensued.

After UAB’s Chris Cokley converted a basket after being fouled to put his team up by a healthy 13 points, teammate Hakeem Baxter threw an intentional shoulder into Louisiana Tech’s Jacobi Boykins’ back, causing tempers to flare.

Boykins retaliated by throwing a punch and was immediately ejected before members from both teams stormed the court.

Louisiana Tech’s entire bench was ejected for leaving the bench area during the exchange. The result of the brief but rather bizarre brawl was Louisiana Tech finishing the game with only four players on the floor and one coach due to the mass ejection of its entire bench.

Erik McCree, Jalen Harris, DaQuan Bracey, and Omar Sherman were the four left to represent Tech. UAB, however, managed to keep six of its players from engaging in the melee. UAB emerged victorious with a 79-70 win but was outscored 20-16 against Louisiana Tech’s four remaining players. 

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