Ben Simmons Almost Dealt To Detroit Pistons| Trade Did Not Meet The Joel Embiid Standard

The Ben Simmons saga is still brewing in Philadelphia as the 76ers are still angling to execute a trade for the Aussie guard. However, they will not sell to any team, even if they offer three times the benefits.

On Tuesday, Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer reported that the Sixers rebuffed a big trade offer that they got for Simmons from the Detroit Pistons. The proposed trade was for Jerami Grant, Kelly Olynyk, Saddiq Bey, and a first-round pick.

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Offer Rejected

According to reports, the Sixers were not thrilled with the offer. It didn’t fit into their superstar partner plan for team big man Joel Embiid.

However, are the Sixers overthinking Simmons’ trade value?

Simmons has struggled with field goals and virtually threw a tantrum by not coming back for work after knowing he wanted to be traded. However, those the Pistons would have lost are significant contributors.

A Motor City Motorcade

Grant usually delivers 20-points-per-game with a mix of great defense and an all-around field goal game.

Olynyk has been in the NBA since 2013 and is a big man that understands how to make space and create offensive opportunities.

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Bey was a member of the All-Rookie First Team last year and is an exceptional young talent that is coming up.

The fact that the Sixers believe that doesn’t mesh well, in addition to a first-round draft pick, says a lot about their strategy. Whether Simmons will yield a perfect future partner for Embiid is tricky given the circumstances.

Ben vs. Them

The Sixers vs. Simmons issue is still ongoing, and it’s now 2022. With the Feb. 10 trade deadline rapidly approaching, the Philadelphia 76ers treat Ben Simmons like cryptocurrency; hurry up and hold.

Over the past four seasons, Simmons has been one of the best point guards in the Eastern Conference. Named to the All-Star team each year for the three previous years, the 25-year-old still has the stats.

Simmons has averaged 15.9 points, 8.1 rebounds, and 7.7 assists per game in 275 career starts.

Hold ‘Em. Fold ‘Em.

Simmons last played in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Atlanta Hawks. The fans were not happy when he passed on a dunk attempt late in the fourth quarter, with the Sixers trailing 88-86, dumping the ball off to Matisse Thybulle.

Although Thybulle was fouled on the play, he only made one of the free throws, and the team went on to lose 103-96. Subsequently, during postgame interviews, Joel Embiid and Doc Rivers appeared to criticize Simmons, which drove a wedge between him and the team.

Philadelphia is holding out until they can barter for a Joel Embiid one-two punch of a partner. With the league going through numerous COVID-19 changes, each healthy player is more valuable, and the Sixers know all they have is time. However, with deals like that offered by the Pistons, the team must wonder if deep packages with draft options over superstars are the best move for the team.

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