“Believed In Steph And Klay In A Way That Few Other Coaches Would Have” | Shannon Sharpe Says Mark Jackson To The Lakers Is Great Fit

Former Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson played a vital role in the development of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. He also helped create the Warriors dynasty that we’ve seen six of the last eight Western Conferences Finals.


That wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t believe in the greatest shooting combo to ever grace a basketball court. Yup that’s right, Jackson created the nickname “Splash Brothers,” for the duo. He allowed them to grow, and with Draymond Green joining the fray they became one of the best trios the league has ever witnessed.

On his radio show “Keyshawn, JWill, and Max,” Kellerman, talked about Jackson being deserving of another chance to coach after things went south with management in Golden State.

“Mark Jackson believed in Steph and Klay in a way that maybe few other coaches would have and brought them to a certain point. A lot was written and reported, however, that eventually there was a culture of paranoia and that the offense was not really unlocked.”

Kellerman continued:

“This happens in baseball, football, happens in boxing, when you’re new as a head coach, that first experience, you’re not going to be a fully formed product.
“Jason Kidd is showing you his quality right now as a head coach, he’s gotten better. I don’t see a reason why Mark Jackson would not learn from his first experience which was largely successful and be real good head coach right now.”

Skip Bayless And Shannon Sharpe Have Varying Views On The Fit

In a recent segment on “Undisputed,” Bayless and Sharpe debated if Mark Jackson would be a good fit in Tinseltown.

Bayless took the no he wouldn’t stance, and he gave his reason why:

“I love Mark Jackson as a basketball coach in and of himself, but I think it would be a nightmarish fit for the Los Angeles Lakers.”

Bayless mentioned Jackson’s old-school mentality wouldn’t fit with the Lakers.

Sharpe believes the fit would be good:

“I think it’d be a wonderful fit. Not only for the Lakers, but LeBron James. I think James and Anthony Davis would respect him, and when those guys do, the others fall in line. Why not give him an opportunity?”


Jackson Was Finalist For Kings Job

The Sacramento Kings recently interviewed Jackson for their vacant head coach position, and rumors swirled that he was the leader in the clubhouse to land the position. Last week the Kings hired Warriors lead assistant and former Cavs and Lakers head coach Mike Brown. While Jackson didn’t land that job it may not be a bad thing.

Sacramento has been the place where coaches and players go to die. The team hasn’t made the playoffs since 2007, a 16-year drought, the longest current one in the NBA.  The Lakers currently have three superstars and are a seasoned coach and some discipline away from being contenders again.

While we’d miss Jackson in the booth, it’d be nice to see him get another crack to stalk the sidelines. He deserves another chance to lead men again.

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