Battle Rapper Swamp Tries to Jump in a Round with Rival Emcee T-Top

There has been a Carolina battle rap beef brewing for over the last few years that seems to have ended in a whole bunch of fans being frustrated.

Swamp, whose real name is Shaun Paige, hails from Marion, South Carolina. This up-and-coming battler has had an itch to scratch with celebrated top tier rapper Melvin “T-Top” Bryant who calls home a small town called Fuquay-Varina in the larger Carolina. The two have thrown shots back and forth for months with Top stating that he did not believe that Swamp paid enough dues to get a battle with him.

However, after few definitive wins on the Ultimate Rap League against Nu Jerzey Twork, Ace Amin, Don Marino, and Bad Newz have made him the man that people are most certainly checking for … and now a desirable to take the stage against The Bear.

According to several URL Primetime, the two were supposed to battle this fall but at some point, because T-Top had taken other battles before Swamp, the slow-drawl emcee grew disinterested in a rumble with his adversary.

At least that is what we thought.

Over the weekend, footage was leaked of a battle that T-Top had against Devy Ruffin at a smaller league, and Swamp jump in it.

Devy Ruffin tagged Swamp but the NWXer was not having it. Neither was his crew who quickly intervened, pushing the star to the rear and Swamp simply walked off … If he wants to battle the Haymaker owner a contract must be signed, sealed, and deliver. No sneaky combat with the vet.

T-Top doesn’t seem worried about Swamp. In fact, he has a diss track coming out where he has a character with a shirt that says “SWAMPCLOWN” across the chest.