Avery Bradley Gets Waived And Becomes The Target Of Social Media’s Sick Humor

After 11 years in the NBA Avery Bradley has learned to roll with the punches. He’s played for seven teams over that span, and he’s known for his defensive prowess as well as his ability to score when necessary. 

If Bradley has learned anything in his career it’s to expect the unexpected. No matter how ironic or embarrassing. Bradley had one of those hide your head in the sand moments this week. 

When Bradley was signed by Golden State back in September to compete for one of the 15 roster spots, the 30-year-old journeyman knew it was because of his defense. 

His confidence was brimming. In fact, he praised the Warriors for being a top-flight organization on Oct. 7 as the team began final cuts.

In a New York minute, Avery’s praise for the organization turned into a social media laughfest when he was waived by Golden State a week later, along with Jordan Bell, Mychal Mulder and Gary Payton II.

The announcement came shortly after the Warriors’ 119-97 victory on Oct. 13 over the Trail Blazers in the preseason finale.

The quick turn of events set off a social media mosh pit of jokes, and Bradley was the target.

All jokes aside, the Warriors have five guards signed out of the 14 players currently on the roster. Avery might have jumped the gun with his public expression of his appreciation for how the Warriors operate. The decision to cut him wasn’t easy, because he’s no slouch.

“It was very difficult to release all of those guys,” Dubs coach Steve Kerr told reporters.  “They’re all NBA players. Avery, obviously, has put together a great career. He’s healthy. He played really well, especially once he got his legs underneath him. Mike Mulder has helped us the last couple years. He’s a wonderful teammate and competitor. Jordan Bell, it was really fun to have him here. He’s grown up a lot, on and off the floor. He had a great camp. Same with Gary.”

Looks like the veteran was the victim of a numbers game, especially with rookie Moses Moody waiting in the wings. 

It’s a minor setback for Bradley, who will eventually be picked up by a team looking for a rugged, hard-nosed defender that has checked the opposing team’s star guard on many occasions. He shouldn’t feel too bad about the social media jokes. That just means he’s still relevant and will surely get another opportunity to turn the tables.

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