Avengers Infinity War Review: Where Thanos Goes, Death Follows

The time has arrived, and Avengers: Infinity War is slated to hit the theaters, but I got to see it first! As is common protocol, this will be a spoiler-free review of what may be the most emotionally taxing Marvel-based movie of them all. Tragedy, loss, and pain are prominent throughout.

The film picks up immediately following the events of Thor Ragnorok. As Thor, Loki, Dr. Banner, and Heimdal are transporting the remnants of Asgard’s population through interstellar space.  They are accosted by the Black Order of Thanos.  With most of their warriors killed during the fight with Hela, they’re decimated–even with Thor and the Hulk onboard.  

That happened before the opening credits. So, from the very beginning, it was clear that “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” were going to suffer gruesome causalities at the hands of Thanos’ hordes.  

The pacing of the action is such that even the seemingly pedestrian moments will be shattered with action in very short order.  

Unlike what is had been common practice in some superhero films, the audience does not have to wait for the “bad guy’s” plan to materialize. We’ve known for quite some time based on clues peppered throughout the MCU chronology, the acquisition of the all the infinity stones is the plan. However, it isn’t simply for the sake of power that he has embarked upon this task.  He wishes to eliminate half the population of the universe in order to bring balance.  

Previously, he had been accomplishing that goal by invading planets and marching city to city to kill half the populous of each. He believes the infinity stones allow him to accomplish this in a more merciful way, by simply using the infinity stones to wish half the population of the universe away rather than brutal, bloody conquest. 

The cohesiveness of the storyline was also commendable due to the myriad of moving parts and plot threads that needed to be tied together.  

Dr. Strange and Wong are interrupted in the Sanctum Sanctorum by the sound of a battered Hulk crashing through the roof of their dwelling.  As he recovers, Banner informs them of the seething apocalypse at hand.  But they’re soon interrupted by the Ebony Maw and Black Dwarf as their ship descendants on Greenwich Village.  They have arrived to liberate Dr. Strange of the time stone, which was featured prominently in his solo film. 

Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War – Official Trailer

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One of the things I appreciated most was that the Avengers finally got to team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy.  Another is how well Marvel Studios has continuously cast each of these films.  However, the manner in which the writers allow each character to maintain their personalities throughout the established MCU canon is remarkable considering that many different writers have hand in crafting these stories.  

Also, the way the characters interact with one another is true to form.  The exchanges between Dr. Stephen Strange, a man of magic and mysticism, and Tony Stark, a man of science and futurism, are worth the price of admission. Additionally, the relationship between Stark and Peter Parker is further expanded upon.  With Tom Holland’s portrayal of Spider-Man as a high school teenager who idolizes the Avengers, as was canon in the comic book back in the day, I think he further solidifies himself as the first actor to perfectly nail Peter Parker AND Spider-Man in the same film. 

Unlike Justice League, all of the dialogue was appropriately divided up. Rocket Racoon was sarcastic, Dr. Banner was confused, Thor was a bit buffoonish but brave, Tony Starks is self-assured, Spider-Man is scared,  Peter Quil is goofy, and Dr. Strange is annoyingly self-important–though he is actually quite important.

Who Is Thanos And Why Are The Avengers So Screwed?

As Black Panther continues to set the box office on fire en route to surpassing a billion internationally, we look at what’s next in the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline where, this morning, Marvel released yet another trailer for the highly-anticipated “Avengers: Infinity Wars.”

The relationship between the Scarlet Witch and the Vision caused a bit of stir when it was first introduced in the comic books, but it was clear after Captain America: Civil War that a relationship between the two characters would be explored. In the film. The soul stone, implanted in the Vision’s forehead, is the most important of all the stones.   The Scarlet Witch and Vision are attacked mercilessly by members of the Black Order until Captain America, the Falcon, and Black Widow step in.  

It’s decided they would need Wakanda technology to help save the Vision and that’s how they end up there. 

The movie is filled with action and fighting, none of which ever feels mundane of unnecessary. However, the climactic battle in Wakanda is the large-scale fight scene that some of us have been craving since the first Avengers film.  All of our favorite Wakandans get significant screen time, Shuri, Okoye, Ayo and, of course, T’Challa himself are all utilized to a great extent.  The Dora Milage represent, as do the Jabari tribe!    

Josh Brolin’s Thanos is a walking contradiction filled with eternal conflict, and turmoil. When the layperson looks upon his massive size and ruminates upon the ideology of the Mad Titan, it is easy to surmise that he is a brute. However, longtime fans of the character originally created by Jim Starlin are aware that he is a deep thinker capable of random acts of kindness and compassion that may seem out of character in a vacuum. But, make no mistake, he is indeed mad. 

His relationship with Gamora, for example, is as one-sided as they come.  Gamora wants to see him dead for kidnapping her and killing off half the population of her home planet, but Thanos loves her as deep and paternalistically as he can within the bounds of his goals.  I found that dichotomy to be amazing to behold, especially in this genre.  Also, there are great losses in this film. Try not to marry the idea of your favorite characters making it out of this one alive. Chances are, at least two of your favorites won’t make it, maybe even three!

Seeing the Iron Spider armor in action, and Tony’s new nanotech armor manifested so seamlessly in his final battle, was a thrill!.

There are so many great things to discuss on Avengers: Infinity War I can talk all day, but I won’t.  Great acting, great direction, great dialogue, great cinematography, great diversity, great representation, and for having an epic scope, Avengers: Infinity War is an outstanding movie. 

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