As Steve Harvey Famously Predicted, 41-Year-Old Philip Rivers Wants Back In the NFL

The NFL Network’s Rich Eisen is reporting that retired QB Philip Rivers wants back in the NFL. When Rivers retired after the 2020 season Steve Harvey joked, while hosting “NFL Honors,” that Rivers would be back the next season. He wasn’t that far off.

What’s Up With Philip Rivers Wanting To Play Again?

“We all know two teams that were quarterback-needy at the end of the season,” Eisen began. “Starting third-stringers and had a chance to go to the playoffs and maybe make a deep run in the playoffs, referring to the Miami Dolphins, and of course, the San Francisco 49ers. I heard at the Combine that Philip Rivers contacted both of them to come back late last year.”

Tom Brady Inspiring A Rivers Comeback?

Maybe Rivers is inspired by Tom Brady playing well into his 40s and there are rumors that Brady might want back in as well. After already retiring twice!

The 41-year-old Rivers has nine children and has been coaching high-school football at St. Michael Catholic in Alabama since his retirement.

He’s earned nearly a quarter of a billion dollars on the field during his 17-year NFL career. There’s no telling how much additional in endorsements he’s acquired.

Does he really want to trade in a fun and comfortable retirement to get pummeled by defensive linemen?

“I heard from a couple of teams just kind of checking in,” Rivers told “I didn’t contact anyone, and I’m not going anywhere. I think maybe some teams, with some guys going down, may have been just looking for a contingency plan, but nothing came of it.

“I think in my mind in the last couple of years if a team had needed me, I might have had six or eight games left in me, but I’m not going into this fall thinking the same. I think it’s done.”

That’s not quite an absolute 100 percent no. But it seems unlikely.

Who Is Philip Rivers?

Rivers was an eight-time Pro Bowler, Comeback Player of the Year in 2013, and led the league in these areas: passing yards in 2010, passing TDs in 2008, passer rating in 2008 and completion percentage in 2013.

NFL QB great Philip Rivers might want to come out of retirement at 41.
As comedian Steve Harvey predicted while hosting “NFL Honors” in 2020, QB Philip Rivers (right) might want to come out of retirement at 41. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

For now, his focus remains on building the St. Michael Catholic football program.

“It’s still trending in the right direction,” Rivers said. “It doesn’t happen overnight. You keep working at it. The students are working. The coaches are working.

“There are two schools of thought on it. You either find a way to win one year or you build something that is sustainable long-term, which is what we are after. … Playing the long-game route is what we are about because it’s about more than football for us.”

The school opened in 2016, and Rivers became head coach upon his retirement.

During his two years as head coach, he has led the Cardinals to an 11-8 record. The team had won just five varsity games in its four years of existence prior to that.

Building a successful high-school football program is no easy feat but Rivers seems to be up for that challenge, and it’s where he will remain. For now.

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