Arya’s Revenge: The Writing Was On The Wall 3 Years Ago

Years of training finally paid off for Arya Stark.

It’s long been known that Arya Stark, played by Maisie Williams, was of particular importance for the preservation of Winterfell and House Stark. Since 2016, we’ve been on record expressing our undying loyalty to the characters who make up the Wolves.


On Sunday, during the third episode of the final season of the show, Winterfell was finally visited by the Night King, and for all the valiant efforts of the good guys, the forces of darkness appeared ready to seize and convert every living and dead person in Winterfell into his army.

To top it off, the lines of defense were disintegrating and John Snow, with his dumb-ass, is ready to square off head-to-head with the Night King’s undead dragon as he’s ready to blast blue flame in his grill like a butane lighter.

We ‘Bout That Arya Stark Life, Boss!

Knight King Death Scene l Arya Kill Knight King

Knight King death

Who is it that saves the day? Who represents when all is lost? That’s right, Arya Stark.
Here’s what I wrote about how Arya became my favorite character after they get back she visited upon the Freys in season 7.

“(As) Stark after Stark met a gruesome end, my favorite became Arya Stark. Though the slow-burn of her character arc was frustrating, her get-back was so scintillating that I forgave the show for its transgression of allowing the Stark clan to suffer an inordinate amount. Now, that’s saying a great deal considering all the death and mayhem on the show.”

Later in the same article, I wrote;

“the phrase ‘if you let one wolf live then all the sheep are in danger” struck me like a tone of bricks for a reason. House Stark represents justice, redemption, and revenge. What brother with multi-generational roots in America can’t get down with that vibe?”

Of course, I didn’t know how badly Arya would eventually represent, but she most certainly did. Even earlier this season, we foreshadowed ourselves yet again with the piece was written about season 7 episode four where we asked was Arya as badass as she seemed.

“Sansa witnesses Arya exhibit the skill and technique of a Bravoosi waterdancer in a sparring duel with noble knight Brienne of Tarth who once defeated the mighty The Hound in swordplay. Sansa and the slithering Petyr Baelish watch in amazement as she confounds and frustrates mighty Brienne. Is Brienne holding back? Is Arya as amazing as she seems?”

Arya Stark vs Brienne of Tarth – Game of Thrones S7E4

Arya Stark vs Brienne of Tarth duel – Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 4

Predicting the Future of Arya Stark

Indeed, each season it became increasingly obvious that she would play a central role in the fight for the North. But no one could have foreseen this.

Now, I gotta say, I’m a bit afraid for our heroine now seeing as though nobody gets to have their moment of glory AND win. Game of Thrones is many things, but it never struck me as being fair. Brutal and random, but not fair.

Either she ends up Queen in the North, which means that Sansa would have to be dead AND Arya avoids death yet again, or Arya is killed by someone she least suspects in the dead of the night.

Only three more episodes to go until we sort all this stuff out.

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