Arnold is Back Like He Forgot His Wallet and Muscle and Fitness Has Details

On Wednesday the summer blockbuster movie season really kicked into full gear with the return of your boy Arnold (Ah-nood) Schwarzenegger getting his cyborg swagger back in the highly-anticipated reboot Terminator Genisys.  Hes not taking his shirt off and strutting around in this one, but the old man looks pretty good nonetheless. Recently Schwarzenegger sat down with Muscle & Fitness magazine to discuss the film, how he stays in shape and much more.

He said hed be back, and so he has returned like he forgot something. Also, go online to see how prior Terminator films taught us all about working out, but we just didn’t notice.

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Allow Proper Healing Time

Working out to exhaustion over and over and over can lead to the inability to adequately adapt to your workouts, meaning you wont make any progress. Plan a recovery week every 3-5 weeks into your cycle, during which you perform your lifts at half-reps, lighter loads, to increase your rebound energy moving forward.

Don’t Skip the Warm Up

Its called warming up because doing so increases your body temperature, increasing the blood flow to your muscles, and reducing the potential for devastating muscle and connective tissue injuries. Even a 5-10 minute cardio session prior to heavy lifting will put you in a much better position to peak.

Stretch Before, Stretch After

The ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) recommends stretching each of the major muscle groups at least twice per week, for about 60 seconds per exercise. Static stretching before exercise can actually decrease your performance, so keep your limbering up limited to dynamic movements before you dive into your routine.

Check out more excerpts and photos at Also, check out Terminator Genysis in theaters nationwide. 

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