Antonio Brown Has A Six-Figure Deal With Facebook 

Antonio Brown says hes a team player, but he seemed to value his personal  money and marketing over making it to the Super Bowl.

People were befuddled as to why the star wide receiver, knowing there was so much at stake, would add fuel to the fire by broadcasting head coach Mike Tomlins post game speech live around the world on Facebook, capturing the coach referring to the Pats as assholes and opening up a can of worms that seemed to subdue his in-game enthusiasm and performance well.

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According to, We might have an answer for why Antonio Brown decided to fire up Facebook Live in the locker room in the moments following the Steelers’ playoff victory over the Chiefs.

Tomlin called Brown’s actions foolish, selfish and inconsiderate.

Turns out, it was also lucrative, at least according to’s Ian Rapoport, who reports that the Steelers wide receiver “has a big-time marketing deal with Facebook,” and that “the deal is worth in the high six-figures.”

…Perhaps it’s fitting that Brown, whose catchphrase is “Business is boomin’,” took to social media — including Facebook — to apologize for using … Facebook.

“I let my emotions and genuine excitement get the best of me, and I wanted to share that moment with our fans,” Brown said in a statement posted on his social media accounts. “It was wrong of me to do, against team and NFL policy, and I have apologized to Coach Tomlin and my teammates for my actions. I’m sorry to them for letting it become a distraction and something that they’ve had to answer questions about while we’re preparing for a big game on Sunday.”

Brown characterized his Facebook Live mishap to “Emotions and Genuine Excitement.” One might say it was pure greed that led to this untimely situation. 

The big game ended up in a blowout and while Brown scored some coin by blowing up his coach on FB a week before the biggest game of the season, his seven catches for 77 yards and 0 TDs showed everybody where his heart is. Its with AB, not the city of Pittsburgh.

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