Another Great Escape For Ezekiel Elliott

Another great escape for Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott. Those pulpit pushers understand best when I say, God is on his side. 

Dallas police have suspended an investigation into an incident at a bar involving Elliott, putting a swift end to another off-field issue for the mischievous superstar. According to the Daily News, police say the investigation was suspended due to a lack of a complaint, and no other witnesses chose to come forward. 

The statement said investigators had made several unsuccessful attempts to reach the 30-year-old man who was punched in the nose Sunday night.

Nobody wanted to play the snitch in this instance, which is rare in todays society. So Freaky Zekey makes another great escape, but his room for error is getting smaller and smaller. How long will his celebrity continue to get him out of potentially career-debilitating situations?

The Cowboys have to be really concerned, because it’s not clear exactly where Zekes head is at these days. Hell probably go bonkers on the football field in the Cowboys first few games and the eventful and unflattering offseason will be forgotten. Lets just hope he has a chill button when the regular season kicks in. Until then, I guess he’ll just keep beating them charges like Rocky. 

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