Andrew Wiggins Wants To Play For The Toronto Raptors As Much As They Want Him On The Team

Andrew Wiggins was the projected No. 1 overall pick in the 2014 NBA draft before Anthony Bennett stole the honors of becoming the first Canadian to be taken first in the draft in 2013. That isn't slowing any speculation however, and the Gatorade Player of the Year was asked a few questions about his future, concluding with a new NBA questions.

Wiggins was asked who he thinks would take him in the draft, and he said he hoped the Toronto Raptors would because, "I wanna play for them," with a huge smile. The only regrettable thing about the interview is that it was the last question, without any follow-up! What a shame. 

The hometown kid wanting to play for his hometown club isn't a new dream, but in this case it's not really a dream as much as it is a reasonable chance in the NBA lottery. 

As our DJ Dunson writes, Toronto is doing everything they can to increase those chances.

On Sunday, ESPN New York reported that the Raptors are close to finalizing a trade that would send power forward Andrea Bargnani to the Knicks in exchange for Steve Novak, Marcus Camby and a 2016 first-round pick (2016 is the year after Melo's contract expires. Slick move Toronto). However, the hope is that the trade ends up being Andrea for Andrew — Wiggins.

Steve Novak and Marcus Camby are pawns. The Raptors are clearly dismantling their roster in anticipation of the 2013 NBA Draft. Just days ago, they were also offering DeMar DeRozan (and Bargnani) in exchange for Eric Bledsoe to the Clippers. And don't be surprised if Rudy Gay gets the boot as well in the coming weeks or months. The Raptors have their sights set on their homegrown rising superstar.


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