Andre Iguodala Will Test Free Agency

Andre Iguodala is readty to test the waters of free agency, or at the very least make himself a bit more money. The way NBA contracts work out these days, it's a better option for A.I. 2.0 to opt-out in terms of money and contract length. 

From Yahoo! Sports:

"We are fully aware of Andre's intentions and he's well aware of how much we want him back," Kroenke told Yahoo! Sports Friday afternoon. "Andre us a huge priority for our organization."

Iguodala will bypass the $15.9 million owed him next season and will be eligible to sign a new four-year deal elsewhere or sign an extension up to five years with the Nuggets.

Iguodala has until June 25 to exercise the early termination clause on his contract, and virtually all players wait until the deadline to file the necessary paperwork. Without triggering the opt-out cause, Iguodala could only sign a three-year extension with Denver.

The Nuggets, however, might have a problem. They're already without GM Masai Ujiri, who left for the Raptors, and a head coach after firing George Karl. Now they might be out of luck with one of the top defensive players in the league. When it rains, it pours.

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