Andre Iguodala Is The Summer of 2013’s Ray Allen

If you can't beat 'em join 'em. It's an axiom as old as anyone can remember. Ray Allen lived it last season after hopping off the Celtics sinking ship to join the squad that eliminated them en route to an NBA title. The Miami Heat were his life raft last July and this June, Allen returned the favor by saving them from going home handed.

The Denver Nuggets were knocked out after bumping its head on their own low ceiling in the first season. After entering the playoffs as the West's 3-seed, the Golden State Warriors quickly dispatched the Nuggets in six games. Igoudala played his part, but on Friday he decided to cross the lines and join the Warriors in their ascent. While Golden State was busy throwing the expiring contracts of Andris Biedrins, Brandon Rush and Richard Jefferson overboard, Iguodala surprised everyone by inking a four-year, $48 million contract with them. Iguodala provides the Warriors with an elite perimeter defender and versatile offensive wing scorer, but it'll be interesting to see how Iguodala's arrival impacts the Warriors development of forward Harrison Barnes.

Fortunately, the reaction wasn't as vitriolic as the one Allen received from Boston. Iguodala's signing also ends Jarrett Jack's chances of renogiating a Golden State return and on Friday, the Warriors also renounced his rights.


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