An Emotional DeMarcus Cousins Says Goodbye To Sactown

DeMarcus Cousins is now in New Orleans with Anthony Davis trying to find a winning chemistry that he failed to produce since the Kings nabbed him with the No. 5 pick out of powerhouse Kentucky back in 2010.  

Cousins is an elite talent, but his inability to control himself in games and his overall lack of maturity were red flags to a franchise that would have had to commit $200 million to him and wasnt winning despite his great play and failed leadership.

On Monday, he was very emotional when speaking to a crowd about Sacramento, taking time to express his love for the city in an emotional message that Carmichael Dave of KHTK Sports 1140 shared:

“My love for this city will never change,” Cousins said. “Even though I’m gone, it will still be the same. I’m still looking out for these kids. Every family in this city matters to me.”

Too bad he couldnt channel that love into making himself a more calculated and impactful superstar that brought more Ws for the city of Sacramento, who remain no more than distant abandoned children in the high-powered California pro basketball mix.

Believe me, I’m the first guy to say that the NBA is too soft and we need more gangsta personas with emotions and throwback levels of intensity and competitiveness. However, leadership is being able to balance those traits and know when to use restraint in order to come out on top.  

Kings general manager Vlade Divac said “winning begins with culture and character matters,” in the team’s release discussing the decision to trade Cousins. Sactown management just didnt feel that Cousins was the type of superstar they wanted to hitch their wagon to and who can blame them?

An impactful, max-money superstar has to lead you to at least one playoff win. Carmelo Anthony, who people love to bash as a loser, made the playoffs his first 10 years in the league from age 19 to age 28 when he joined the Knicks.

The tears Boogie shed in his departing speech are typical of his emotions, which fluctuate like a rickety swing on an old school NY playground. As he joins Anthony Davis and crew and they attempt to make up a 2.5 game deficit for the eighth playoff spot in the  West, maybe a change of scenery will soften and simplify those trust issues that Cousins admits has have hurt his relationship with Kings management in the past.

Hes New Orleans marvelous headache now and we will see if it was Cousins who promoted an atmosphere of losing in Sacramento. Or was it that poor excuse of an NBA franchise that the Sacramento Kings are traditionally known to be. 

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