AMC’S The Walking Dead Takes Interesting Twist With Villain’s Return


On Sunday fans of the science fiction hit series "The Walking Dead" got answers to some of their long held questions regarding the whereabouts and happenings associated with the show's uber villain, The Governor. Played by actor David Morrissey, he is the show's primary antagonist and was engaged in an all out war with Rick (played by British actor Andrew Lincoln) that culminated in Morrissey's character snapping and killing his entire team after their attack against Rick and those holed up in an old prison.

The one-time vicious character re-emerges as a shell of his former self and is now the defacto protector of two women and a small child named Megan, who reminds him of his own daughter who became zombified and was later killed by Michonne (actress Danai Gurira). This new version shows compassion and feelings in a way which was largely absent from last season's incarnation. For those that are still not apart of the Zombie Apocalypse craze, "The Walking Dead" airs Sunday 9PM ET on AMC.

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