Allen Must Address Racist Tweets Before He’s Accepted As Bills Leader

Josh Allen was drafted by the Buffalo Bills with the No. 7 pick of the NFL Draft. Those racist Tweets from his high school days that included the N-word and quotes such as White Is Right didnt hurt him at all. So the folks that flew to Allens defense and were so vocal about him just being a kidand the world being too hypersensitive in this instance can relax now. His draft status wasnt affected by the orchestrated mini-scandal that made him the center of some negative social media drama on the eve of what should’ve been the greatest day of his life. 

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Will Josh Allen’s racist tweets come back to bite him? #NFLDraft18

Somehow the kid from Wyoming whose passing accuracy was perceived as a huge negative entering the draft, captivated NFL scouts and there was even mention of him going No. 1 up until the Cleveland Browns called the name Baker Mayfield and shocked a large portion of the football world. 

When Allen was asked about his racist Tweets on Draft Night, he said that hed address it if he felt that he had too, but wasnt sure how he would approach it. Apparently, Allen wont be given a choice. 

According to Bills Team Captain Lorenzo Alexander, he will embrace Allen, but for Allen to ever truly be accepted in the predominantly black locker room and recognized as a leader they can trust,  hes got to address those Tweets from high school. Theres no getting around it.  

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Bills LB Lorenzo Alexander offered advice Friday to QB Josh Allen on the team-produced radio program about how to address his tweets: “If it was me in that situation, I think I would [immediately address it]. Because you don’t want to have that…

What Im going to do is extend some grace, Alexander said on the Bills team-produced radio show, and wait to get to know the kid and see how he develops and that’s how you got to approach it.” 

During his introductory press conference Allen said addressing the team is something Ive considered and something that when I get to meet the guys Ill get a sense of what they …how they feel and what they say to me and I definitely would consider doing that (addressing the issue with the team). Its something I wouldnt be afraid or ashamed of doing, but I wouldn’t know until I got to meet everybody and get a feel of how they feel about it. 

Now everybody won’t have that same approach, Alexander continued. Ill encourage everyone too…Hes going to have to at some point whether he does it in front of  the whole team or one-one-one, somebody’s going to ask him why would you say that? or why were you quoting those words.? 

Allen has escaped the gauntlet as far as his pockets or draft position is concerned. Attributing his social media lyrics to quoting rapper Rick Ross and the TV show Modern Family definitely took the conversation in another direction and it was a shrewd move by Allen even if true. 

How will Josh Allen’s offensive tweets be perceived in NFL locker rooms?

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However, his journey to becoming the leader and respected NFL quarterback he wants to be is just beginning and when Allen enters the Bills locker room hes going to have to address something he said when he was 15 years old. And his answer is going to affect the rest of his NFL career. He’s going to be judged everyday, regardless of how well he performs on the field or how fair or unfair anyone thinks it is that hes put himself in this position.  

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