Alleged HU Scammer Officially Files Lawsuit Against University

Howard University student Tyrone Hankerson Jr. is reportedly suing HU for $10 million dollars after he alleges they leaked his financial records in a financial aid scandal in which he’s alleged to have embezzled $429,000. 

Hankerson is reportedly suing the school for $10 million for leaking his financial records while HU tried to save face.

Anna-Lysa Gayle on Twitter

BREAKING #TyroneHankerson’s attorney officially files lawsuit against @HowardU, @HUPrez17 & more.

The initial claims of theft levied against Hankerson came via an anonymous blog post on “Medium” in which the allegations against Hankerson where made. It wasn’t until the next day that the Howard administration made its move.  

The initial post at “Medium” was taken down however the damage had already been done.  Students and alumni have been in an uproar since these allegations came to light, highlighting long-held suspicions of some who attended HBCUs. 

The financial scandal will certainly impact low-income students with an outstanding balance on their bill the hardest, according to a Howard administrator. Six employees of the financial aid were fired, but Hankerson is the one who decided to sue? Man, he’s looking more and more like a professional scammer with each move. 

Hankerson sold CBS News that he faced “bullying and harassment” due to the leaked records. Students at Howard have staged sit-ins in an administration building with lists of demands. This tactic has been deployed at other HBCUs as well. 


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