All Eyes On Washington D.C.

Election Day is one of the most important days on the calendar across America, but the tension and attention are particularly intense in Washington D.C. 

Martell Webster knows this, and called the importance of the day a "must-win." 

Sorry, what's that? He was taking about the Wizards? I thought we were on the same page considering it's November, no? (sigh).

Webster has a clear case of "athletespeak," a fairly recent epidemic that causes athletes to speak only in cliches. Common signs include speaking in percentages (typcially 100, but sometimes 110), giving everything one has, praising non-specific teammates and opponents, and staying focused. 

There isn't any known cure, though surely someone on the Wizards can give him some pointers. Like, maybe after the sixth game, just reassess the situation. Or wait until the tenth. Or twentieth.

But don't wait too long, because Webster clearly has a bad case. Imagine what he might say if the Wizards are in playoff contention. 


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