All Day: Adrian Peterson Wins MVP

So, let's get this straight: Adrian Peterson was the Most Valuable Player in the league, after recovering from an ACL tear, but Peyton Manning was the Comeback Player of the Year? Seems like a consolation prize for Peyton. But, as we know, the gap between the two players for both awards was infinitesimal.  Meanwhile, Robert Griffin III beat out Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson for Rookie of the Year. We suspect that, if the award took the playoffs into consideration, Russ would have nabbed it. And, shoutout to Griff, but was he really better than Luck, this season? The beauty is that, whether you answer "yes" or "no," you have an exceedingly valid argument. 

What an NFL season, though, right? The Coach of the Year was Bruce Arians — the awards first interim coach. And J.J, Watt came out on top of a stacked defensive field of young  QB killas for Defensive Player of the Year.

So long, 2012.

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