Aldon Smith Might Be Dumb And Dumber

A video of an unidentified man and woman smoking a blunt was recently posted to a Periscope social media account that has been used by Oakland Raiders LB Aldon Smith during the last couple of months.

Smith, is currently serving a year-long suspension for violating the NFLs substance-abuse policy. If this is him, it puts him in direct violation during a time when he is already on notice for a prior infraction.

The fact that he would be on video smoking weed, if that is indeed him, makes it downright ridiculous to Jim Carey Dumb and Dumber cinematic proportions.

In the video, Smith relishes in the fact that he has no followers before showing the blunt and saying, “This is what you call a fire session.

We then hear him coughing from inhalation and admonishing a young lady who is shown on camera in disapproval of his smoking. The man goes on to say, They dont know its me, its not like it says Aldon Smith.

Smith refutes that the man in the video is him. We’ll soon find out. And if it is indeed him, he’s a whole lot dumber than we previously thought.

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