Actor Tom Hardy Really Is Bane As He Arm Bars And Grapples His Way To Two Gold Medals At Jiujitsu Tournament | Tom Cruise Who?

Tom Hardy is not your regular action-adventure actor; he is really about that life. The man who played everyone from Scarface to Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises,” Hardy is a man not afraid to be the tough guy. However, Hardy is a true-to-life goon, but for good, in his off-screen life.

The 44-year-old showcased his combat athleticism during a charity jiujitsu match, which included a “championship” that Hardy won; twice. The “Venom” actor fetched two gold medals at the REORG Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship, dominating his opponents in Aldersley Leisure Village in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, in the UK.

Hosted by The REORG Charity, of which Hardy is a trustee, REORG helps veteran, military, and emergency service members dealing with depression, PTSD, and “life-altering physical injuries,” according to their website. Hardy contributes to the charity by teaching jiujitsu to aid people recovering from physical and mental issues hopefully. Hardy rolled on the mat to raise money for the organization; to the surprise of no one, he was outstanding.

Brazilian jiujitsu or BJJ is known as the gentle art, a nonviolent form of combat sport subjecting opponents to holds and vulnerable positioning via using your arms and legs without throwing one punch at the opponent. Hardy reportedly first began training in mixed martial arts, where jiujitsu was a core tenet, when he was preparing for the movie “Warrior” in 2011. He additionally trained in mixed martial arts for his 2018 role in “Venom.”

Hardy was seen on a viral video submitting his opponent with an armbar in the Brazilian jiujitsu tournament. Hardy showed technique when he transitioned from a kimura attempt before the armbar. The video saw Hardy implementing a little wrestling in a dominant performance where he separated his challenger’s arm and got the submission via tap.

Taking a page out of Ronda Rousey’s book, Hardy had two matches amid the many active fights on the mat, winning one by armbar and taking home two gold medals. He won one in the gi category or wearing the traditional martial arts uniform, in his belt and weight division, and another one in the no-gi category, also in his weight and belt division, according to PEOPLE.

In his second bout, the actor rolls with his opponent for about two minutes, then makes it through the round by hugging his opponent and getting his arm raised as the winner from plainly dominating him and stopping him from doing anything to him.

Hardy has had considerable troubles in his life and turned them into a successful acting career. As a troubled youth, he reportedly began experimenting with drugs at the age of 13, was kicked out of boarding school, and did several stints in jail when he was young.

“I’m just a frightened bloke. Everything scares me. Not being in control, not knowing, anticipation, waiting for something to go wrong,” Hardy said to Your Tango in 2018.

Hardy said at his lowest; that he was willing to “sell my mother” for cocaine and went “entirely off the rails” after the movie “Star Trek: Nemesis” flopped at the box office; he said to The Mirror.

“I’m lucky I didn’t have some terrible accident or end up in prison or dead – because that’s where I was going.”

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