Aaron Rodgers Will Be Making Rubles Compared To These NBA Players

Aaron Rodgers six-year $174.8 million extension puts his salary at $33.5 million per year. For years NFL players have lamented about the salaries they receive in comparison to their counterparts in the NBA, where life in the fast lane is much less dangerous and brain traumatizing. 

Rodgers new salary may be a step towards changing the game, as a select few NFL ballers are officially getting the equivalent of max-money NBA salaries. The NBA will have 11 players making a base salary of $30,000,000 or more for the 2018-19 season. 

Naturally, the difference in roster sizes impact how much a franchise can pay 53 NFL players versus 12-13 NBA players, but it’s still fun to take a look at and makes Rodgers’ contract even more epic.  

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Steph Curry will make $37, 457, 154, which inflates to nearly $46 million in the final year of his contract. 

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Steph Curry to become first NBA player with average annual salary of $40M+. Jordan’s inflation adjusted 97-98 salary though is $50M. https://t.co/WfMdTmnI2B

Chris Paul hauls in $35, 654, 150, King James is making a modest $35, 654, 150 but his salary increases yearly under his new four-year deal with the Lakers and base salaries mean nothing to LeBron. He makes the bulk of his fortune on investments. endorsements and ventures. 

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The @Lakers $153 million salary for @KingJames is awesome but it’s the endorsements that will make him king. Consider that 36-YO @rogerfederer just signed a 10-year deal with @UniqloUSA valued at $300 million. #Brand is KING!

Russell Westbrook is the fourth highest paid NBA players for 2018-19 with a salary of $35, 350, 000. Blake Griffin rounds out the top 5 with $31, 873, 932. Gordon Hayward, Kyle Lowry, Paul George,  Mike Conley, James Harden and KD complete the Dirty 30 List. 

Rodgers joins Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan as the only two NFL players in that $30 million per year base range. Rogers deal and the $103 million in guaranteed money is definitely structured more like a hoops contract than your traditional NFL contract. 

 NFL stars are no longer subject to the old school contracts and franchise tags that left them with no long-term stability if they got hurt — which is very likely in pro football.  Sure, NBA ballers enjoy benefits and celebrity that most NFL players don’t, but superstars in both leagues have some work to do when it comes to matching what Tom Brady’s wife can make in a single season. 

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How does Gisele Bundchen’s monster 2016 salary compare to NFL and NBA players? https://t.co/BFbtZSQvmu

The NFL, according to sportingnews.com,  has just seven players meeting or exceeding the $25 million-per-year salary mark;  Rodgers, Ryan, Kirk Cousins (Minnesota), Jimmy Garoppolo (49ers), Matthew Stafford (Lions), Derek Carr (Raiders) and Drew Brees (Saints). The NBA, however, has 27 players  (Joel Embiid No. 27) who will make $25 million or more during the 2018-19 season. 

Everyone was hootin and hollerin about OBJs $95 million deal, but the Giants wide receiver will only make a base salary of $18 million annually over the course of his deal, which would make him the 60th highest paid player in the NBA, tied with the Los Angeles Lakers Luol Deng. 

The game of football is too dangerous and injuries too frequent for NFL owners to go all in on guaranteed contracts like the MLB and NBA, but superstars who have tenure and control can now force the hand of team owners to overpay for their services, award large signing bonuses and properly compensate them for their weekend warrior status. It’s a just reward for helping to make the NFL one of the most lucrative pro sports entities.   

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