Aaron Rodgers doesn’t miss opportunity to jab Russell Wilson

Following the Green Bay Packers 27-17 victory over NFC rival Seattle Seahawks, Aaron Rodgers, who threw for 249 yards and two scores, couldn’t resist one final shot.

God was a packers fan tonight, Rodgers told reporters, in an obvious jab and response to Russell Wilsons comment about God’s effect on the game following their playoff victory over the Packers in last seasons NFC Championship. Rodgers responded at the time that he didn’t believe God cared much about the outcomes of football games. 

Wilson believes God has an impact on NFL games, Rodgers disagrees, but both are notably religious. Has there been a bigger clash of religious views between two more high profile stars in pro sports? Its usually a touchy subject when one’s religious views are questioned. One thing’s for sure- Rodgers knows how to hold a grudge. 

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