A.J. McCarron Saw The Devil At The Grammys

The McCarrons have a penchant for tweeting out their strong beliefs on Twitter. Last month, A.J.'s mom, took heat for her tweet criticizing Jameis Winston's english.

The tattoo on AJ McCarron's chest wept during the Grammys and McCarron told the world he saw the Devil.

My first thought was, "if he could detect the Devil why couldn't he do the same with defenders when he tossed three interceptions against Oklahoma?"  Then, I realized that we shouldn't be surprised. McCarron wears his religious beliefs on his sleeves chest.

McCarron sent that tweet out during Katy Perry's performance. However, I thought her performance was more of a nod to Disney's Malificent than the devil, but I suppose we all view things differently.  Jay-Z performed with his wife Beyonce, but there was no Illuminati references this year. At least we know, that's one prospect Roc Nation sports won't be representing.

Then again, if he tuned in thinking Lorde was a gospel singer and saw Wednesday from the Addams Family racking up wins instead, I could understand the confusion. Let us pray.