“I’m Not Body Shaming” | Ravens Star CB Marlon Humphrey Complained That Planes Should Have 10 “Big Body” Seats For Plus-Size People

Baltimore Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey has never been one to shy away from what he feels. Known as one of the most outspoken players on the Ravens team, Humphrey is a walking soundbite.  That was no different recently when the former All-Pro defensive back tweeted about airplanes having special seats for “big body” people.

“I’m not body shaming… but there needs to be at least 10 big body seats on every plane,” Humphrey tweeted Friday.

For the former Alabama Crimson Tide star to quickly state that while he’s not body-shaming when he really is is very awkward. Making those type of suggestion could be viewed as such despite the fact it is a logical idea. 

Maybe “Humph” as he is affectionately called should’ve kept this tweet to himself, because saying things like in today’s hyper- sensitive climate usually draws backlash. But we’re talking about a player who’s always spoke his mind, as he did concerning his star QB Lamar Jackson not playing in the team’s wild card playoff loss to the Bengals last week.

Humphrey Speaks Up Jackson Amidst Questions Around His Injury

For weeks, leading up to Baltimore’s playoff loss, many questioned if Ravens superstar QB Lamar Jackson was healthy enough to play and just not willing to risk it because of his contract situation.

During the week, Humphrey let it be known where he stood in the ordeal, and that’s 100 percent with his friend and teammate.

In an interview session, Humphrey told reporters that Jackson was dealing with a PCL injury, was “limping” around the Ravens’ facility “all week.”

“I don’t even know if I should say this, but he’s like limping around the facility. That’s kind of the crazy thing that people don’t see… Obviously, we knew that he wasn’t going to be out there with us, but hopefully, we sign him to a big-term deal and he’s a Raven with me forever,” Humphrey said.

Maybe Humphrey was onto something, as this past week all you heard from Ravens head coach John Harbaugh and GM Eric DeCosta is the belief that they’ll sign their franchise player to a huge, long-term lucrative deal.

Humphrey Is A Part Of A Very Good Ravens Defense

Since leaving Alabama as a first-round pick in the 2017 NFL draft, Humphrey has established himself as one the premier cornerbacks in the league.

Known for his physicality and willingness to come up and tackle in the running game, Humphrey is often lauded for his toughness. He’s been named a first-team All Pro once, and a three-time Pro Bowler. He’s the unquestioned No.1 corner on the Ravens roster.

The elite cover corner had tallied 299 tackles, 67 passes defensed, 11 interceptions, 12 forced fumbles and two touchdowns.

Humphrey has mastered the punch of the football, which has helped him force many of the fumbles.

His play is vital to a blitz-happy Ravens defense that puts a ton of pressure on its defensive backs.

Sometimes his mouth gets him into trouble as was the case with his comments about “big people” and airline seats.

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